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Posted by Tall Ships America on September 2, 2014

A view from the water

The waterfront here in San Diego is quiet. Too quiet. After four days of cannon fire reverberating throughout the downtown, crowds of people, and live music, it is disconcerting to hear the everyday sounds of San Diego on a typical weekday morning. Everything is back to normal. Luckily, Eliza, Halcyon and I have one more event in Dana Point next weekend. One more event to spend time with the tall ships and the new friends we have made out here on the West Coast. It’s hard to believe we are even at this point. Yesterday, we said goodbye to Halcyon as she sailed away on Irving Johnson, all smiles (Stay tuned for another blog post about her adventures on board).

Lots of activity on Pilgrim

Lots of activity on Pilgrim

The three of us had the opportunity to experience an evening sail on JADA Sunday night. While the wind was not cooperative, it was still lovely to be out on the water on a beautifully restored ketch. Curlew was out sailing at the same time and went out of their way to steal our wind, looking mighty fine while doing so –



Yesterday afternoon, we also got to go on board Irving Johnson for a battle sail “against” Californian. While all in good fun, there is a still a sense of urgency and you can’t help but be swept up in the excitement. Renae was our cannoneer and did an admirable job defending Irving Johnson with our two two-pound cannons against the larger (and louder) four-pounders of Californian. And what would a battle sail be without trying to set some car alarms off? As we sailed past a parking lot, Renae and a crew member strategized on the most effective way to do just that. I noted to Renae that she was not only a cannoneer, but an artist as well, as she managed to set four alarms off as we sailed by. Since Halcyon would be part of the crew of Irving Johnson on this last transit, she was put right to work hauling and coiling lines. Like the rock star she is, she jumped right in and even made the line toss as we came in to the dock on the first try.  Eliza and I couldn’t have been more proud.

Taking aim

Ever since the first time I experienced a Festival of Sail here in San Diego, I have been eager to return. The team at San Diego Maritime Museum did an amazing job in 2008 and this year lived up to my memories. The volunteers were knowledgeable and proud to share what they knew about tall ships. The staff worked hard to make sure the visiting public had an enjoyable time and it showed.  There were lines waiting at the gates at 9:00a and a steady crowd throughout the day.  All too soon, the vendors were packing up, gangways hauled up, and ships underway. Thanks to the hardworking staff and volunteers of the San Diego Maritime Museum, we are sad to leave.  But one more event awaits us – We will see you in Dana Point at the Toshiba Tall Ships(R) Festival!

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    Quack quack from u sps d 13

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