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Ups & Downs on Irving

Posted by Tall Ships America on September 6, 2014

by Halcyon Spooner



Going to Dana Point on Irving Johnson

Throwing up over the bow on my watch


Feeling Awkward


Volunteering to clean all the heads

My bunk

Ripping my pants

The food

Banging my head

The crew
Walking 6 + miles to see a movie


Tide Pools

Going Aloft

Helping with dock lines


Living on Irving Johnson this past week had its ups and downs. Mainly UPS, but at times I couldn’t help the downs. My first true down was learning that once the sun goes down I get terribly sea sick. It’s the worst possible feeling when you know you threw up practically everything in your stomach but your body still wants to get things out of you. But on the up side, I got to refresh my navigation skills when I helped one of the crew members plot course for the night. Another down was me feeling awkward around the crew. This was my first time being with them for more than 3 hours, so at times you do run out of things to say. I believe the awkward feeling came from me feeling like the new person in the group, which is never good. Once I got over my awkwardness, I started to realize that the crew members on Irving Johnson are very friendly and funny people. A few other downs was me ripping my pants when climbing aloft to untie sails, volunteering to clean all the heads, and banging my head every time I came out of my bunk. Another up was doing maintenance, which involved me doing my two favorite things: sanding and oiling. Also: my bunk, the cook’s food, and the exploring of Dana Point with crew. We walked about 3 miles uphill to see a movie, drove 20 minutes to go snorkeling in what looked like a private beach, and also took midnight walks on a nearby beach to see tide pools. Overall, my time on Irving Johnson was worthwhile.



One Response to “Ups & Downs on Irving”

  1. Dick Daybell said

    Erin Sea you Sunday at the US Power squadron in Dana Point with out the duck.

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