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Special Offer from Picton Castle for Tall Ships America Members

Posted by Tall Ships America on October 31, 2014

Picton Castle

Picton Castle

Join the PICTON CASTLE world-voyaging crew in Cape Town, South Africa, January 2015

 Exclusive Special Offer only for Tall Ships America Members


Leg 3, from Cape Town, South Africa to Cape Verde, January 3 to March 20

Price: $10,800  Price for Tall Ships America members: $8,600, including the donation made in your name

Leg 4, from Cape Verde to Lunenburg, Canada, March 20 to May 16

Price: $8,800  Price for Tall Ships America members: $7,000, including the donation made in your name

Legs 3 & 4, from Cape Town, South Africa to Lunenburg, Canada, January 3 to May 16

Price: $19,600 Price for Tall Ships America members: $15,600, including the donation made in your name

In addition to the fee you pay, a further $1,000 for each leg will be donated to Tall Ships America by PICTON CASTLE on behalf of each sail trainee.

Not a member of Tall Ships America? Sign up on our website!

The Barque PICTON CASTLE has been sailing the worlds’ oceans for nearly 20 years in the wake of the great square rigged ships of the Age of Sail.  Her epic voyages have already inspired hundreds of people to come together to sail, to explore this salt water globe and to seek to learn all that a ship on the open ocean have to teach.

Our crew connect with people and places across the world.  Transcending boundaries of geography, culture and race we return to villages where we have made friends, often bringing essential supplies, donated educational materials and medical care to some of the most remote and isolated communities on Earth.   By working together we grow strong and learn to trust our shipmates and ourselves.  By harnessing the power of the wind in our hand-stitched cotton sails we learn awareness and how to spot a problem before it arises.  By watching the slowly processing stars on night watch, and the glorious ocean sunsets each evening, we learn to see the sublime in the every day.  The things you learn aboard PICTON CASTLE, and the friendships you make aboard, last a lifetime.

Aboard the ship right now, sailing westwards across the Indian Ocean, we have an exceptional gang of men and women of all ages and all backgrounds, hailing from a dozen different countries and every corner of the globe; Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Canada, USA, Tonga, Fiji, England and more.  What brings them together is a commitment to experiencing a life at sea under sail, to the ship, her voyages; a down-to-Earth saltiness and a sense of adventure.

Now we are looking for the next generation of mariners to join our crew and write the next chapter of the PICTON CASTLE story.  No sailing experience is necessary – it’s far more important to be a good shipmate, though you must be reasonably fit.  More than anything you must want to join us on this adventure and want to see the world beyond your horizons.

Soon PICTON CASTLE will be rounding the Cape of Good Hope and entering the South Atlantic, there to sail up the coast of Africa and cross to the Caribbean calling at Grenada, Carriacou, Barbados and Dominica before heading north via Bermuda, to her homecoming in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada.  After three years voyaging westwards around the world, it’s set to be quite the celebration.

Join us in Cape Town, South Africa in January 2015 or in Cape Verde in March 2015.  Sail with us as we cross the Atlantic Ocean, cross the equator and cruise the magical islands of the real Caribbean. We will be visiting friends we have made over the years, sailing our small boats in the crystal clear water and practicing beach landings on the perfect white sand.  We’ll be sailing on and off the hook, tacking the ship about, climbing aloft and handling sails.  We’ll learn sailmaking, rigging, small boat handling and celestial navigation, but first we’ll learn to sail our ship across oceans.

If you’ve never been afloat before, or if you already have one foot in the sea and want to advance into traditional seamanship, then now is the time. The world’s oceans and its trade winds are waiting, come join the adventure!








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