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2015 Call For Interns!

Posted by Tall Ships America on May 20, 2015


TALL SHIPS AMERICA is seeking a summer intern who is interested in working in a unique nonprofit environment. Interns support the TALL SHIPS CHALLENGE® Race Team in various components of the TALL SHIPS CHALLENGE® Race Series, which is an annual series of tall ships races and maritime port festivals that celebrate our rich maritime heritage and traditions and which inform the general public about the transformative power of ‘Adventure and Education Under Sail®.’ Interns join the race team in working with the vessels, crews, trainees, port organizers, US Coast Guard, and others to execute a successful series of races and port festivals for traditional sailing ships.

Our summer intern will join TALL SHIPS AMERICA in Philadelphia, PA on June 23rd and will depart from Portland, ME on July 21st. As a member of the TALL SHIPS CHALLENGE® Race Team, we expect that the intern will support festival operations and dockside vessels in Philadelphia, PA/Camden, NJ (June 25-28); Greenport, NY (July 4-7) and Portland, ME (July 18-20).

The internship position may include but is not limited to:

  • create content for and maintain online social networks (blogging, videos, photos)
  • liaise between Tall Ships America, the ports and the ships
  • attend daily meetings with the race team, ship liaisons, or event security/USCG
  • oversee the execution of US Sailing’s REACH Scavenger Hunt and our crew games
  • distribute to and collect forms, directories, and information from the vessels

Our summer intern will be expected to sail as a trainee or volunteer crewmember on a tall ship between ports. The ships are scheduled to sail from Cape Charles, VA to Philadelphia, PA/Camden, NJ from June 15th – 25th, to sail from Philadelphia, PA/Camden, NJ to Greenport, NY from July 29th – July 3rd, and to sail from Greenport, NY to Portland, ME from July 8th – 18th. These cruises will include two Tall Ships® Races and may include additional port stops. While enrolled in a vessel as a trainee or volunteer crewmember, you will be under that vessel’s care and supervision. Some paperwork may need to be completed and signed before joining the vessel.

Successful candidates will be organized thinkers, motivated workers, enthusiastic learners, confident communicators and mature young adults. Sailing or sail training experience is very helpful but not required. Aspiring photographers and writers are welcome.

TALL SHIPS AMERICA offers the following incentives:

  • Travel expenses during the event
  • Food allowance when traveling in support of the TALL SHIPS CHALLENGE® 2015 Race Series
  • Accommodations aboard a tall ship (or a shared hotel room if a ship berth is unavailable)
  • Experience of sail training and working with tall ships, officials, and the public
  • Stipend of $750 for the full program

NOTE:  Interns are responsible for their own transportation to Philadelphia and home from Portland.

If you are interested in being an intern, please apply via email to Eliza Braunstein:  eliza@tallshipsamerica.org.   Please include a cover letter, resume and references. Additionally, please submit a brief writing sample that focuses on what value you would bring to TALL SHIPS AMERICA and what you would like to gain from the internship experience.

For consideration, applications must be received by May 27, 2015.  Incomplete applications will not be considered. Final decision will be announced by May 29th. For more information about TALL SHIPS AMERICA and the TALL SHIPS CHALLENGE ®, visit our website at www.TALLSHIPSAMERICA.ORG


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