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An evening in Brazil

Posted by Tall Ships America on June 12, 2015

Welcome to Norfolk!

Welcome to Norfolk!

On Wednesday, Eliza and I were in Norfolk, VA for a reception on board Cisne Branco  for Brazilian Navy Commemorative Day. This was the first time I had seen Cisne Branco since 2007, when she participated in the TALL SHIPS CHALLENGE(r) Atlantic Coast race series that year. She was then, and remains now, a beautiful ship. Upon arrival in Norfolk, we went down to the waterfront to scope out the venue for that evening and saw some cadets hard at work, touching up the paint on the hull and the anchor-

Touch ups


I couldn’t resist taking a photo of the gangway. How sharp does that look?


A few hours later, Eliza and I were making our way up that same gangway and were welcomed on to the ship. That evening, we watched while the Ambassador of Brazil honored Brazilian and American officers. This officer could not have been more thrilled

Dapper at the helm

After the ceremony, there was a band playing bossa nova as the guests mingled on deck, sipping champagne and admiring the view on a warm, summer night. It was a delightful evening.


The next morning, Eliza and I headed across the Chesapeake Bay to Cape Charles, our first port in the TALL SHIPS CHALLENGE® Atlantic Coast 2015 Race Series. Tall Ships® at Cape Charles begins tomorrow and runs through the weekend. Picton Castle, Tree of Life, Hindu and Lynx are in port and Serenity is making her way here from Yorktown. It has been so great to reconnect with old friends!

I see you Captain Sikkema

I see you Captain Sikkema

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