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Adventure Before the Adventure

Posted by Tall Ships America on June 28, 2015

N.R.P. "Sagres" at Tall Ships® Philadelphia Camden 2015 (Photo Credit: Eliza Braunstein / Tall Ships America)

N.R.P. “Sagres” at Tall Ships® Philadelphia Camden 2015 (Photo Credit: Eliza Braunstein / Tall Ships America)

Adventure Before the Adventure

by Anna Sprague

When I signed up to be part of Tall Ships America this summer, I thought all my adventures would involve sailing off on ships. As it turns out, my first adventure has already started right here on land.

In the last three days, I watched a gorgeous sunset while stuck in a car for ten hours, I tracked down ice and ran it to ships last minute before a day sail, witnessed a parade of sail, toured thirteen ships, and handed out hundreds of crew badges. One of my more fun adventures, though, was catching lines for a Portuguese ship.

There is something wonderful and beautiful watching a 295’, 3-masted tall ship come into port and dock. There is nothing to get your adrenaline running like trying to keep hundreds of spectators back from the wall while tall ship N.R.P. “Sagres” is trying to dock. My voice became hoarse trying to tell people that the lines coming across are heavy. I got to experience just how heavy after catching the heaving line and pulling up the line to put on the bollard. I continued to run back and forth catching lines and helping with secondary lines.

Even though I do not speak Portuguese, I was able to communicate well through our shared knowledge of the tall ships. I understand now why a country would use a tall ship for international relations. Sailing in of itself is an international language. I look forward to bonding with the crew of Sagres and the other international crews through tall ships in the next few weeks. Tomorrow, I start sailing on a tall ship from the Cook Islands: the Picton Castle. Let the sailing adventures begin!


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