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Finishing Up in Fairport Harbor

Posted by Tall Ships America on July 20, 2016

George Denis Sullivan lr

Intern George on Denis Sullivan in Bay City

By Intern George

The life balance on a tall ship takes some getting use to because there are not enough hours in a day. All of the duties that I am obliged to do I do with gusto because it’s always something different and I give it my best. So, after a day of interning with Tall Ships America, when the crew is meeting on the beach to unwind for a bit you find yourself wondering if you should grab a cup of joe or a nice cold brew.

A lot of the crew showed up, even some off duty officers that helped during the festival came to chill out and have a few beers. We all needed to loosen up a bit after a hard days work. Some of the crew have liberty on Sunday and took full advantage of the time off. When you’re with good people and making new friends, it is hard to end an evening and we ended staying longer than we should have.

Sunday morning was a bit hard to wake up and get to my 0800 meeting on time. Back on the Denis Sullivan my senses had a kick-start. My nose followed the aroma of great smelling coffee and my eyes popped when I saw the Eggs Benedict! The crew on the Denis Sullivan is truly blessed with gourmet meals, thank you Chef Rod!

Now awake after a fantastic breakfast we went to check in with the liaisons. Bag check was under control so no super sleuthing the contraband today. I was then sent to the Pride of Baltimore II to make a manifest of everyone going on the 10 a.m. day sail, which was nice because I was able to meet a few more crewmembers and learn their names. After completing the list I went back to security and over the radio came a call for help from the Mayor of Fairport, Tim Manross, who was volunteering for the festival by directing cars in the VIP parking lot.

What is the protocol for working with a mayor? I felt honored given this task. Introductions were made and as it turns out Tim was a cool guy and was in need of an extra hand to get the cars moving a bit smoother. Happy to help out I sent the cars to him while he directed them into a spot. We worked together until the lot was at capacity and he then handed the parking lot off to me to fill in the spots that were opening as people went home.

Fresh baked chocolate chip cookies are wonderful, but I was grateful to be relieved around 1430 for a lunch break because I was baking in the sun. After break I spent a couple hours at Tall Ships America duties, dropping off books and picking up souvenirs. Then, I was tossed keys to a golf cart to help three of the chefs from different ships that were out shopping get the groceries back to the ships. I made four trips with a couple of pick-ups of elderly and handicapped people to help them get out of the event. It was service with a smile.

It was after 1800 when I was released for the day. There was a crew party at the local bowling alley but working in hot weather all day makes you smell quite unpleasant. I have never had a chance to swim in Lake Erie and I thought I would take a little detour before heading to the party. Also I was hoping the lake water would wake me up enough to help me finish my night.

After my quick swim/rinse down I made my way to bowling alley and ran into some friends that were getting ice cream then heading to crew party so I joined them. At the bowling alley some of the crew form the Niagara had just started a game and gladly reset their game so I could join in. I was very tired from the night before and my long day that reluctantly told them I was only there for a one game and dinner. I knew I had to get up early in the morning.

So my night was not done yet with the NEED for a good long shower that I wouldn’t be able to have on the ship so I made my way to the yacht club. Thankfully they were lending their showers and bathrooms to the crews. It was over a mile away so my round trip was over an hour that gave me time to call family and friends.

When returning couple news reporters greeted me back on the Denis Sullivan. Turns out that they are going to make this ship their home for the ride to Bay City and are going to do reports on us. After having a few laughs about stories we shared I went directly to bed to get ready for our big day of sailing tomorrow. Man, I wish I knew we were going to be filmed and broadcasted, I would have shaved at the yacht club.

Ben and George are currently sailing in Playfair on their way to the Pepsi(R) Tall Ships(R) Chicago 2016 event

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