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It’s #TALLSHIPSTUESDAY! Let’s learn about Empire Sandy

Posted by Tall Ships America on August 30, 2016


#TALLSHIPSTUESDAY is back, y’all! After a brief hiatus, we return just in time for the TALL SHIPS CHALLENGE® Great Lakes Race Series. These next few months will feature our fleet of vessels that you can see, hear, and touch when they come to your host city this summer. Let’s do this!


Where you’ll find the ship
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

This summer she will be at Tall Ships® Brockville

Fun Facts
The Empire Sandy was laid down in the shipyard of Clelands (Successors), Willington Quay-on-Tyne England on Dec 22, 1942. She was built as an Englishman/Larch class Deep Sea Tug with the added provision for mounting two Hotchkiss Anti-Aircraft guns. She was completed and went into service on July 14, 1943. Her first voyage commenced July30th sailing in convoy to Iceland. Voyages were usually done in convoys for protection against the German U-Boats. The Empire Sandy sailed in a total of sixteen convoys to her destinations.

She served in the North Atlantic from Iceland to Sierra Leone, the Mediterranean Sea, Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean.

The backstory (tell me more!)
The 200-foot topsail schooner the Empire Sandy is Canada’s largest schooner. Built in 1943, she sails with 11,000 square free of canvas and has double cannons that are fired at special times. Sails are hoisted as the tall ship departs and the wind is harnessed to propel the 740 ton vessel along Toronto’s scenic waterfront. Wide expansive decks and wood paneled dining areas set the tone for a comfortable, exhilarating experience. Empire Sandy has hosted a variety of small and large groups including weddings, corporate events, dinner dance events canal tours and more. Moored at the foot of Spadina Avenue at Queens Quay’s is also certified for out of town trips.

Who Sails
All ages



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