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Sail on EAGLE this summer!

Posted by Tall Ships America on May 25, 2017

USCGC Eagle. Photo Credit: Thad Koza

Two opportunities to sail aboard EAGLE this summer!

Enjoy two unique opportunities for Tall Ships America Members to advance their professional training, qualifications, skills, and credentials in a sail training program aboard America’s Tall Ship. Restrictions apply. Applicants will be accepted on a first come, first served basis.

Voyage 1: 07-18 August      4 spots available
07-11 August: Portland, ME to New York City
14-18 August: New York City to Coast Guard Yard, Baltimore, MD

Experienced tall ships sailors are invited to join the ship on a voyage 07 – 18 August.

During this run, sailors will join Coast Guard crew and cadets. Participants will embark on Sunday, August 6th,  in Portland, Maine. This leg is with Coast Guard swabs and will include basic seamanship. EAGLE will moor in New York, New York on Friday, August 11th.  EAGLE will depart New York City on Monday, August 14th and sail back to the Coast Guard Yard in Baltimore, MD for arrival on Friday, August 18th.  The second leg is a crew only patrol, but will have some other guests aboard. There will be sailing and it does include a transit up the Chesapeake Bay.

Voyage 2: 25 August – 9 September     5-6 spots available
25 August – 4 September – Coast Guard Yard, Baltimore, MD to Alexandria, VA

7 – 9 September – Alexandria, VA to Coast Guard Yard, Baltimore, MD

Experienced tall ships sailors are invited to join the ship on a voyage 25 August to 09 September.

During this run, sailors will join Coast Guard crew and officer trainees. Participants will embark on Thursday, August 24th,  at the Coast Guard Yard in Baltimore, MD. EAGLE will moor in Alexandria, VA on Monday, September 4th. There will be a brief overnight in Portsmouth, VA prior to arrival. EAGLE will depart Alexandria on Thursday, September 7th and sail back to Baltimore for arrival on Saturday, September 9th.

These opportunities are open to new applicants only. Applicants must be current Tall Ships America members between 18 and 50 years of age and should be experienced mariners interested in professional development. Be advised that berthing is in the trainee accommodations.

This experience will be a great resume-enhancer and tonnage-time booster! Applications must be received no later than 7 July at 1700 EDT.

See below for program and application details.

Program Details:

1.)You must be at least 18 years old and not more than 50 years old.

2.) You must be fit, willing and able to work aloft. You must pass a medical clearance.

3.) You must be a U.S. Citizen.

4.) You will be full a participant, along with the USCG trainees, in the operation of the ship: standing watch, helm, lookout, bridge, maintenance, working aloft, galley and all other regular trainee duties.

5.) You are welcome and STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to attend training classes with the USCG trainees.

6.) The ideal candidate is an experienced, rising sail training practitioner. This program is not for “Old Salts”, and it is not for first-timers.

7.) Upon successful completion of the program, EAGLE will issue to you (if you request it) a letter of Sea Service or other formal documentation of your sea service in EAGLE. 8.) Participants must pay $12/day for food and expenses, etc.

Application Details:

1.) All applications must be submitted electronically to Tall Ships America at erin@tallshipsamerica.org. Please indicate which voyage you would like to participate on.

2.) You must be a Tall Ships America member in good standing to apply. Not a member? Become one now!

3.) Applications must include the following:

a.) Resume of your traditional ship experience, as crew or as trainee

b.) Letter of recommendation from your current (or most recent) Captain or First Mate

c.) Completed Waiver of Liability and Indemnity Agreement (to be completed once application is received and accepted) found in the Welcome Packet

d.) Completed Guest Medical Forms (in Welcome Packet). NOTE: This requires a consultation with a doctor.

This opportunity is available to you based on the mutual regard and respect that is shared between the EAGLE leadership and Tall Ships America, and in support of our shared mission in promoting leadership training under sail. This is truly a rare and special opportunity, and we are very happy to be able make it available to you, the up-and-coming next generation of sail training officers and crew.

We expect that all participants in this program will work hard and do their best to uphold the excellent relations that exist between EAGLE and the civilian sail training community, and in all ways observe and respect the policies, procedures, and rules of comportment as established aboard EAGLE.

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