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We rendez-vous’d and you can too

Posted by Tall Ships America on June 29, 2017

Gulden Leeuw (Netherlands) celebrates their 3rd place in the Class A race from Bermuda at the Crew Parade in Boston

It’s funny. It doesn’t matter how many ports we have lined up for the summer, it always feels like it went by way too fast. This summer was no exception. Just last month, we welcomed a fleet of ships to Charleston and it was only last week that we waved goodbye from Boston. In between, I had the opportunity to spend a week in Bermuda and next month, Darlene and I are road-tripping our way to Quebec City for the final send off before the ships sail back to Europe as part of the Rendez-vous  2017 Tall Ships® Regatta.

But first, we begin in Charleston where Tall Ships® Charleston welcomed an international fleet of vessels. Ships represented Argentina, Spain, Germany, Netherlands, and the states of South Carolina, Maryland, New Hampshire, New York, and Florida.

We had a beautiful day for the parade of sail to kick off the weekend of festivities-

First sighting of the famous green sails of Alexander von Humboldt II!

…And managed a few evening receptions: All too soon, it was time for the feeder race to Bermuda where the Charleston fleet would meet up with the Rendez-vous 2017 Tall Ships® Regatta that was racing across the Atlantic Ocean from Sines, Portugal.

Pride of Baltimore II blasted out of Charleston and made the crossing to Bermuda in a scorching three days! Needless to say, they came in first for that race.

Pride of Baltimore II takes first place in the Charleston to Bermuda feeder race

I love my job. And I especially love that sometimes my job requires me to go to Bermuda. But, I really love my job when going to Bermuda involves seeing the Italian navy ship, Amerigo Vespucci – ciao! With her distinctive black and white hull, she was a stunning addition to the waterfront in Hamilton during Tall Ships® Bermuda.

From the blue water and pink sands of Bermuda, the ships raced their way to Boston, the only U.S. stop in the Rendez-vous 2017 Tall Ships® Regatta.  Sail Boston has been hosting the tall ships since 1992 and they always put on a spectacular show. Fifty ships paraded into Boston for the first time in 17 years and thousands of people gathered along the waterfront to welcome them. Check out this video from Above Summit from the festival:

Last Thursday, was the start of the race that sent the ships on their way to Canada. Nineteen ships were at the start – by far the biggest tall ship race start that I have ever been involved in. We had an incredible race committee helping us with the start from the Rockport/Gloucester, MA area.

Next stop Canada! Photo credit: C. Gustin

Photo Credit C. Gustin


Provisional race results can be found at Sail on Board’s blog (spoiler alert: the biggest and newest ship had a truly impressive showing!)

Eight years ago, the last time we had a transatlantic race, I hopped aboard a tall ship in Halifax and sailed to Ireland. It was an incredible journey and one that you can do to! Space is still available on the ships if you are interested in sailing on any of the remaining voyages – sailonboard.com or sailtallships.org .

Photos, video and all that fun stuff, can be found on our below accounts. Follow along and join us for tall ship adventures!



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