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48 Hours in Quebec City

Posted by Tall Ships America on July 28, 2017

Quebec rest stops are the best. Gas? Check. Water? Check. Mini dinosaur park? CHECK!!!


Last Wednesday, Darlene and I road tripped up to Quebec City to see the Canada 150 festivities that we had been hearing about for so long, and to see some tall ship friends. Also, Quebec City is so pretty, especially in the summer. This was the view from our hotel room. It was OK if you like looking out on historic buildings and charming streets-


Hideous photo by Darlene

Forty ships sailed into Quebec City and were berthed along the waterfront. Our Rendez-Vous fleet was joined by Great Lakes tall ships including U.S. Brig Niagara, Denis Sullivan, Appledore V, Black Jack, Empire Sandy, Fair Jeanne, Pathfinder and Playfair, Mist of Avalon, and St. Lawrence II. Normally, we only get to see these Great Lakes ships every three years, so having the gang back together in Quebec City was particularly fun.  Not only that, but the Rendez-Vous fleet brought ships into the St. Lawrence River that don’t normally (if ever) come this far into the Great Lakes (or, rather, the St. Lawrence). As you can imagine, there was a lot of nerding out among the crew as they clamored all over each other’s ships and proudly showed each other around.

Thursday was the crew parade and awards ceremony for the race from Boston to Canada. Thousands of people lined the streets as the crew marched through Old Quebec. Three words – Maple. Leaf. Onesie.

Photo by Darlene

Black Jack

Niagara crew


US Awards recipients L-R
Geronimo -1st in Class C/D
EAGLE – 2nd in Class A


Spirit of South Carolina – 3rd in Class B

All too soon, it was time to drive home. Darlene and I had a whirlwind of a time in Quebec City and, based on what we saw, the ships did too. This weekend, the ships will be in Halifax, Nova Scotia, two-time winner of Tall Ships America’s Port of the Year award, and one of my  favorite ports. From there, they will race to Le Havre, France, the final port of Rendez-Vous 2017 Tall Ships(R) Regatta.

Our host ports welcomed ships from all over the world with open arms. People came down to the water by the thousands to see these ships and walk their decks. A lucky few even got to sail aboard (there is still time and berths are available!). It was a summer of new friends and new experiences, and we can’t wait to do it again.

Admit it Paul, you and the Sail Training International team are going to miss us.



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It’s #TALLSHIPSTUESDAY! Let’s learn about Appledore V

Posted by Tall Ships America on July 12, 2016

These next few months will feature our fleet of vessels that you can see, hear, and touch when they come to your host city this summer as part of the TALL SHIPS CHALLENGE® Great Lakes 2016 Race Series.

Appledore V - Photo courtesy of BaySail

Appledore V – Photo courtesy of BaySail


Where she sails

Bay City, MI. This summer she’ll be in the following ports: Tall Ships® Fairport Harbor; Tall Ship Celebration: Bay City; Pepsi® Tall Ships® Chicago 2016; Tall Ship Festival (Green Bay) presented Nicolet National Bank; Tall Ships® Erie 2016

Fun Fact

This spring, BaySail launched a new program called SEA SCHOLAR. Four high school students set sail for a 30 day voyage aboard Appledore V from Key West, FL to Bay City, MI. It’s been an amazing voyage! You can read about the experience so far and follow along through Bay Sail’s website.  

The backstory

Not much has changed since we visited with Appledore IV last week, but you can read the backstory on last week’s #TALLSHIPSTUESDAY post.

Who Sails

All ages, K-12 Students



Social Media banner

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And like that, they were gone

Posted by Tall Ships America on July 26, 2012

L to R – Larinda,HMS Bounty,Pride of Baltimore II

Walking the Halifax waterfront after the ships had left Monday, there was something different (besides the obvious). Dar was the first to figure it out, it was quiet. For the past five days, we had been surrounded by music – buskers with their guitars, little old ladies with their spoons, raucously loud bands playing rock and roll, Irish music in the bars, and bagpipers on every corner.  Now, with the crowds dispersing and the ships headed to the outports, it was another quiet Monday afternoon along the waterfront.

Monday morning was spent packing up our office and saying goodbye to friends. Most of the ships we will see next year in the Great Lakes and there will be many familiar faces among the crew. Others, we see throughout the year, at our various meetings and our annual conference (details to be announced soon!). But still, the end of our summer series always seems so final. Read the rest of this entry »

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In a little place called Halifax, Nova Scotia

Posted by Tall Ships America on July 22, 2012

Six ship cooks faced off against each other yesterday afternoon. In an Iron Chef-type competition, they were given 40 minutes to create a meal from the surprise contents of the little blue blox. Celebrity chef Chuck Hughes was on hand to judge the plates and Taste of Nova Scotia generously donated the ingredients and prizes. There were three teams of two – Nick (Eagle) and Kori (Unicorn), Kari (Lynx) and Pat (Peacemaker), and Sean (Gazela) and Jo (Amistad).  Read the rest of this entry »

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Auction Items of the Week: Two Days Left to Bid!

Posted by Tall Ships America on January 18, 2011

Photo: C. Haddock


Show your patriotism by bidding on 4 tickets to be on board the USS Constellation in Baltimore, MD  for the July 4th Deck Party! 

Great food and drink (all-inclusive), live music, cannon firing demonstrations, tours of USS Constellation, and the best view of one of the east coast’s premier fireworks displays.

  • In addition to the tickets, the winning bid will also receive an authentic piece of hull planking removed from USS Constellation during her 1996 restoration. 

Event takes place weather permitting.  Rain date is usually the following evening. 

More information can be found at: www.historicships.org/july4th.html

But wait! There’s more… Read the rest of this entry »

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I had to drop my cookie to shoot the cannon!

Posted by Tall Ships America on July 22, 2010

Lynx and Pride approach the start Race Two

Sacrifices were made on the race committe boat Monday evening as the skipper of our 41′ ketch on the pin end of the line scrambled to keep up with the starting sequence. The cookie was still edible and the start went off with out a hitch. In fact, it was an awesome start with Lynx and Pride of Baltimore 2 both over the line within a minute of the starting cannon being fired.  Lynx blasted the race committe boat and we were once again close enough to hear the water slapping the hull of “America’s Privateer”.

Lynx blasts by the start boat Race Two

Unfortunately, Lynx couldn’t race for long and soon retired from the race and headed back down to Toledo, Ohio for a weekend festival, leaving Pride of Baltimore 2, Pathfinder and Denis Sullivan on their own. Earlier that day, Roald Amundsen and Europa had started the race together and slowly made their way north to Drummond Island. Both of them also retired early due to weekend commitments. Regardless, Pride of Baltimore 2 and Pathfinder both persevered and finished the race, with Pride of Baltimore crossing the finish line 13 hours ahead of Pathfinder. Final standings are still to be determined, however. These vessels are all handicapped to accomodate thier different rig types so who wins on the water could very well be different once thier Time Correction Factor is figured into the mix.

Pathfinder at start of Race 2

And that is exactly what happened on Sunday night after the winners for the first race from Cleveland to Pelee Passage were announced. Everyone knows that Pride of Baltimore is a fast ship. Baltimore Clippers were built for speed, at first built for moving highly perishable cargo and then later built as privateers during the American War of Independence and War of 1812, fast enough to evade the British naval vessels. With their raked masts and sharp hull, Lynx and the Pride of Baltimore just look sleek and fast (another reason why it is so exiciting to have both Lynx and Pride in the races this year, serious competition!). However, while everyone was looking at the Clippers, no one was watching the “briglette”.

The dark horse of Race One was St. Lawrence 2 out of Kingston, Ontario.  With a sparred length of 72′ she is brigantine similar to the Toronto-based brigantines, Pathfinder and Playfair (hence the “briglette”). Like Pathfinder and Playfair, St. Lawrence 2 is a youth sail training program with the captain usually the only adult on board.  Our very own Libby Drew is a crew member on board when she’s not interning with the ASTA race team.

St. Lawrence 2 and Denis Sullivan at the Race 1 start out of Cleveland

When the final results were all tallied and the handicaps factored in, St. Lawrence 2 ended up the winner of race one, beating out Pride of Baltimore 2 and Appledore V.

Here are the final results for the Race One, Cleveland to Pelee Passage

Class A
First Place-Europa (NETH)
Second Place-Roald Amundsen (GER)
Special Recognition for Dedication to the Race-Roald Amundsen

Class B, C, D
First Place-St. Lawrence 2 (CAN)
Second Place-Pride of Baltimore 2 (US)
Third Place-Appledore V (US)

Hauling lines on Pride of Baltimore 2

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Flying everything but their underwear

Posted by Tall Ships America on July 13, 2010

Pride, Lynx and Appledore 5

Monday morning dawned grey and drizzly. As the Edgewater Yacht Club volunteers headed to their boats, there was hope that the sun would stop playing around and make an appearance. Once out on the lake, the start boat dropped anchor at 10:15am and prepped the boat for the race start. We weren’t the only ones out on the water. St. Lawrence 2 was having a blast playing around and enjoying the wind that had picked up. They were zipping around with all their sails up and looked like they were having a great time out on the water.  For the next hour, we watched the ships slowly make their way out to the start line from the Port of Cleveland. Many of the ships decided to have a little warm up and soon enough, Europa, Lynx, Pride of Baltimore 2, Pathfinder and Appledore V had thrown up their sails and were enjoying the wind and the sun, which had finally decided to come out. Read the rest of this entry »

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Sailing Appledore V to Chicago!

Posted by alexsailor on July 31, 2006

Chicago is great and I realized how much I love city life, however I also became conscious of the fact that I was just out in the wilderness with not even a bit of land in sight doing the “camp thing” to a whole other lifestyle. It reminds me of my crazy hectic NYC life that was semi-stressful which is a little moreso here after sailing on the Appledore V. I think that was such a fun contrasting experience aboard this 67 foot schooner that holds about 12 crew members with a much more laid-back attitude than that of the US Brig Niagara. I enjoyed both, and the momentum of a schooner that picks up 10 knots of wind is quite different than that of a 198 foot brigantine with over 40 crew members. Read the rest of this entry »

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