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Tall Ships in Texas!

Posted by Tall Ships America on April 6, 2018

Friday, April 6th, 2018

It’s beautiful weather here in Galveston, Texas for the first ever TALL SHIPS CHALLENGE® Gulf Coast Race Series! Crew members and event staff alike are all super excited to be here. We could not have asked for better weather for yesterday’s Parade of Sail. I watched some superb seamanship from the deck of Galveston’s own historic Tall Ship, Elissa. What a show! I especially enjoyed seeing Lynx, a square topsail schooner, set her split course sail from her lower yard. She might as well have been a brigantine! I got some exceptional photos – see below




Elissa volunteer crew members unfurling the fore topsails


From left to right: Oliver Hazard Perry, When and If, Lynx

Towards the end of the parade, the sun finally hid behind the clouds, but not before leaving me with a quality sunburn. As the sky darkened, the waves grew longer, and the ships began to come into port. We were very lucky the weather never got worse than a few raindrops here and there. After a long day of fair winds and great sailing, Elissa finished with masterful docking maneuvers, and we ended the day at a party for the ship’s crew members.

Today has been non-stop activity, since before the festival even kicked off. It has been a constant scramble to get video’s for social media, or lug boxes of Tall Ships America directories to the ships, among other things, but it wouldn’t be a tall ships festival without a bit of running around. All in all, everyone is looking forward to the inevitable success of Tall Ships® Galveston, and what that means for Sail Training – building awareness and helping to build community. That’s all from me for today, but you can follow the event news on your own at http://www.galvestonhistory.org/events/tall-ships-galveston-2.

-James Rogers


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Path of the Flying Squirrel

Posted by Tall Ships America on July 14, 2013

Lake Erie, July 10, 2013
 By Brian Holmen

Racing Lynx

Racing Lynx


Cleveland came to a close with the crew party at the Edgewater Yacht Club. Music was provided by several crewmembers from the Peacemaker. Our sail out of Cleveland would be our second race of the TALL SHIPS CHALLENGE® Race Series in the Great Lakes. Almost every vessel from Cleveland would be participating in the race with a surprise appearance from the Niagara. I would be joining the Lynx again since they were still short handed on crew.

This race would be a short 30-mile sprint out Cleveland to Peele Passage. We left the dock around 11 am, in time to make it to the starting line, which was just outside the breakwater. Behind the starting line every ship was jockeying for position. It was quite a sight to see eight tall ships setting sail and trying to get the best position for the start of the race.  Read the rest of this entry »

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Third time is the charm

Posted by Tall Ships America on July 10, 2013

Cleveland skyline and Sorlandet

Cleveland skyline and Sorlandet

My very first tall ship event was in Cleveland in 2006. Prior to that, I had never seen a tall ship in real life until I saw Niagara sail past, guns blazing.  Whenever I return to Cleveland, I can’t help but reflect on that memory and then shake my head at how long ago that seems and all the amazing experiences I have had since that very first sighting. Needless to say, I always love returning to Cleveland.  This year’s Port of Cleveland 2013 Tall Ships(R) Festival built on those memories. We had a fabulous attendance, long (patient) lines for the ships and a well-looked-after fleet. The fleet included Peacemaker, Sorlandet, Pride of Baltimore II, Lynx, Denis Sullivan, Appledore IV, Unicorn, Liana’s RansomPlayfair, and brief appearances by Pathfinder and Niagara.  The weather gods must have reasoned that we suffered enough in 2010 (scorching, brain-melting heat that year) and decided that a few days of cloud cover and lake breezes would benefit our team. While it was still warm, it didn’t stop people from waiting up to an hour and half to board the ships. Thanks to amazing volunteers and tireless liaisons, there were minimal incidents and smooth boardings. Read the rest of this entry »

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And like that, they were gone

Posted by Tall Ships America on July 26, 2012

L to R – Larinda,HMS Bounty,Pride of Baltimore II

Walking the Halifax waterfront after the ships had left Monday, there was something different (besides the obvious). Dar was the first to figure it out, it was quiet. For the past five days, we had been surrounded by music – buskers with their guitars, little old ladies with their spoons, raucously loud bands playing rock and roll, Irish music in the bars, and bagpipers on every corner.  Now, with the crowds dispersing and the ships headed to the outports, it was another quiet Monday afternoon along the waterfront.

Monday morning was spent packing up our office and saying goodbye to friends. Most of the ships we will see next year in the Great Lakes and there will be many familiar faces among the crew. Others, we see throughout the year, at our various meetings and our annual conference (details to be announced soon!). But still, the end of our summer series always seems so final. Read the rest of this entry »

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Pea Soup

Posted by Tall Ships America on May 25, 2012


Unicorn and Bounty





Unicorn, Bounty, and Lynx



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Holiday Season Aboard LYNX

Posted by Tall Ships America on December 29, 2010

December 28

Merry Christmas!
We all know that Christmas is the season for giving and, in that spirit, the crew of LYNX have been busy these past few days giving the vessel a face-lift.  Well, not a face-lift exactly but a sole-lift; we shut down for a brief holiday respite to strip, sand and refinish the main salon and aft cabin soles (what you landlubbers might call floors).
Maintenance is always an issue aboard LYNX and, whenever we can, we try to find the best way to tackle the ongoing issue of keeping the vessel looking sparkly and well-kept.  The main salon sole had seen a lot of use since its last refinishing a few years ago.  Since the main salon is open to the public during sails and dockside tours, it had been trudged and trampled on by thousands of visitors during our summer in the Great Lakes, fall in the Chesapeake and now here in St. Augustine.  It was well past time for a fresh coat of polyurethane.  Read the rest of this entry »

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Notes from the Lynx – Regatta of Lights

Posted by Tall Ships America on December 14, 2010

Never having been here at this time of year, I had no idea what to expect of St. Augustine at Christmastime, but the city is decked out and beautiful.  We are in the midst of the Nights of Lights, which runs throughout the end of November and all of December.  The downtown area is totally illuminated with what must be millions of lights, and there are other decorations up all over!  Holly Jolly Trolleys amble up and down the streets with Christmas carols coming from their passengers, and even the weather decided to join in the celebration by dropping down into the 20s and 30s at night, just so folks couldn’t forget that it is winter. Read the rest of this entry »

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Notes from the Lynx-Happy Thanksgiving Weekend

Posted by Tall Ships America on November 29, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

After a Wednesday-evening feast of squash, mashed potatoes, gravy (including a vegetarian version), dinner rolls and delicious little cornish game hens, the crew of Lynx took a well-deserved break from spending hours hunched over the deck to celebrate Thanksgiving on Thursday.  Read the rest of this entry »

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Notes from the LYNX – Arrival in St. Augustine

Posted by Tall Ships America on November 15, 2010


Hello all!

Lynx is safely alongside in St. Augustine, her “most-of-the-winter” berth, or at least home for a while.  Our arrival yesterday was phenomenal, if I may say so.  I don’t think seen so many people out for an arrival since this summer on the lakes, and then there were usually a dozen ships arriving, so this was particularly special as it was all for us!  Special thanks go out to Mike Dolan and Steve Pettengill, who braved the sloshy seas near the St. Augustine sea buoy to come aboard Lynx and help guide her in through the St. Augustine inlet.  After passing through the inlet, we fired several salutes to the oldest city, the Castillo de San Marcos, and the various vessels escorting us in.  The crowds seemed to love it!
At about 1 o’clock we passed through the Bridge of Lions and approached our berth at the St. Augustine Municipal Marina, where dock hands were standing by to receive our lines and hold the crowds back while the crew tossed heaving lines and maneuvered the schooner alongside.  Moments later we were secure alongside and the crew turned to the work of putting the ship to bed, furling her sails and cleaning the remainders of the voyage off the decks while I headed ashore to meet and greet several of the VIPs who helped bring Lynx to town. Read the rest of this entry »

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Notes from the LYNX-Charleston to St. Augustine, Day 3

Posted by Tall Ships America on November 11, 2010

10 November 2010

Hello again!

The twenty-four hours since I last wrote have brought little change, in terms of weather, to Lynx.  We spent yesterday afternoon sailing/drifting along, making little over 2 knots until the winds died entirely around dinnertime and we were forced to fire up and motor to make way.
We spent last night motoring through calm seas with plenty of fishing traffic to keep us company and make sure the lookouts were on their toes.  At around sunrise this morning, as we passed St. Simons Sound, a fairly dense fog rolled in and caused us to slow down, sound fog signals, and stand by the radar.  Lee, our guest crew and on-board sage, predicted that the fog would burn off by 0936, and he was right!  We were able to keep motoring with much better visibility, searching for a sailing breeze. Read the rest of this entry »

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